Practice-based Opportunities for Weight Reduction (POWER) Trials

We provide research-backed content about how to lose weight effectively. The first research was done by a collaborative group, the Practice-based Opportunities for Weight Reduction (POWER) Trials Collaborative Research Group.

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POWER Trials Collaborative Research Group

The Research Group was composed of the following groups:


Be Fit Be Well

POWER Hopkins


About POWER Trials Findings

About POWER Trials Research Group

POWER Trials Established that when attempting to control or lose weight, it can be advantageous for patients to seek advice from medical professionals for a number of reasons:

Expert advice and knowledge

Health professionals with considerable training and expertise in helping people manage and reduce weight include doctors and registered dietitians.

They can offer you evidence-based advice and support to assist you in creating a healthy weight loss plan that targets your particular requirements and objectives.

About Personalized care

Medical professionals can consider your particular health requirements, medical background, and lifestyle when creating a weight reduction strategy for you. This can help make sure the strategy is suitable for you and safe.

Continuous encouragement and motivation

Consulting with a health professional can give you the necessary encouragement and support to continue working toward your weight loss objectives.

About Safe and effective treatments

If medicine or surgery is required to assist you in managing or losing weight, health professionals can provide these treatments.

Improved health outcomes

Reducing the risk of obesity-related diseases like gynecomastia, diabetes and heart disease is just one of the many advantages of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. And you greatly improve your chances of getting those benefits when you seek medical advice.