15 Celebrities with Gynecomastia in 2023

Hormonal imbalance, which is the leading cause of gynecomastia, affects celebrities like everyone else. And while they do have access to gynecomastia treatment options, not all seek them. Or maybe they do, but their fast life does not allow them to get rid of them permanently.

Among those celebrities that appear to have treated their gynecomastia is Noah Beck, and it seems he is managing to keep it under control.

How 15 Celebrities with Gynecomastia Cope with It

1. John Travolta

John Travolta
John Travolta

Travolta has long been regarded as one of Hollywood’s most attractive “hunks,” and it’s no wonder given his adorable chin dimple, smoldering eager eyes, and incredible dance talents. He has become well-known in recent years for his usage of plastic surgery.

The actor is said to have undergone a facelift, Botox, and other injectables, as well as maybe gynecomastia surgery.

The role of John Travolta in the movie “Paul Williams Still Alive” made him famous (2012). Through the lens of director Stephen Kessler, the documentary “Paul Williams Still Alive” explores the diverse career of well-known singer-songwriter Paul Williams.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger Among Celebrities with Gynecomastia

Arnold Schwarzenegger among celebrities with gynecomastia
Arnold Schwarzenegger

However, Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated that he lacks confidence and has never been satisfied with his appearance. He also has gynecomastia, which grows worse as you mature.

The infamously arrogant 69-year-old asserted that this issue has gotten worse as he has aged, to the point that looking in the mirror makes him want to throw up because he can no longer maintain peak physical shape.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is well-known for his roles in various films, gained fame through his portrayal of the Terminator in the eponymous film.

The Terminator is considered his highest-rated film, in which he plays a cyborg assassin who travels back in time from 2029 to 1984 in order to assassinate Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton.

3. Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock.” Was a Teen celebrity with Gynecomastia

Dwayne Johnson - Was a Teen celebrity with Gynecomastia
Dwayne Johnson – Was a Teen celebrity with Gynecomastia

The Rock claims that ever since he began using steroids early in his career, he has struggled with gynecomastia. He had gynecomastia surgery to remove the superfluous breast tissue, so now his chest looks like solid muscle.

Johnson has a diverse acting resume that includes wrestling. But Moana is his highest-rated film. A bold teen sets sail on a perilous expedition to save her people.

Moana meets the once-powerful demigod Maui (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) along the way, and he helps her on her quest to learn how to find her way.

4. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

It seems as though Simon Cowell is plagued with Gyno-style man boobs. His pectorals sag to the side, even when he’s on the thin side. After showing off a pumped-up torso on a date with Lauren Silverman, Simon Cowell eventually found himself the subject of rumors that he may have had chest implants.

He began to have an impact on the music scene while he was employed by BMG Records. The X Factor and Got Talent franchises were created and are hosted by Simon Cowell, who is well-known for doing so. The programs are fairly well-liked all throughout the world.

5. Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson

Due to his older age compared to most celebrities, there is a possibility that he may have hormone issues. Additionally, Jack Nicholson has never had a highly toned physique.

Despite gaining weight in recent years, he has not yet reached an obese weight, which may have contributed to the development of gyno.

His most acclaimed film is Chinatown from 1974, where he plays J.J. “Jake” Gittes, a private investigator who is hired by Evelyn Mulwray to investigate her husband’s activities.

Initially thinking it is a standard infidelity case, Jake’s investigation takes a dramatic turn when he discovers that an imposter hired him and meets the real Mrs. Mulwray, played by Faye Dunaway.

6. Jack Black

Jack Black
Jack Black

Speaking of Jack, Jack Black has a few extra pounds around his midsection, just like Jack Nicholson. He thus seems to battle with gynecomastia as well.

It’s difficult to say whether Jack Black’s gynecomastia would go away with a little diet and exercise because he doesn’t seem particularly concerned with fitness (and has thus never been especially slim and fit in public).

The School of Rock is the best-rated film starring Jack Black (2003). Dewey Finn (Jack Black), a guitar player in the film, is expelled from his bar band due to his excessive enthusiasm and finds himself in severe need of employment.

7. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington among celebrities with gynecomastia
Denzel Washington among celebrities with gynecomastia

Unlike many actors who take the tough guy role in movies, Denzel Washington does not have the stereotypical tough guy muscle head. And at his not-so-young age, it is not inconceivable that he has gynecomastia. And it even shows when he is dressed in T-shirts.

Among his many film roles, Glory is the film that brought him to public attention first (1989). In the film, Col. Robert Gould Shaw (played by Matthew Broderick) is given command of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, which is the first all-African American regiment in the country.

He forms a strong and enthusiastic team with junior officer Cabot Forbes (Cary Elwes), consisting of Trip (Denzel Washington), a former slave, and John Rawlins (Morgan Freeman), who is a wise gravedigger. Initially, they are only involved in simple manual tasks but soon become part of the main battle.

8. Leonardo Dicaprio Also Celebrities with Gynecomastia

Leonardo Dicaprio - famous person with gynecomastia
Leonardo Dicaprio – famous person with gynecomastia

Known for his great acting skills and an average body weight for someone who does not frequent the Gym, Leonardo Dicaprio has gynecomastia. However, that should not surprise anyone, considering his fast lifestyle.

And it is possible it could get worse as time goes by and hormonal imbalance kicks in hard. Fortunately for him, he has easy access to options such as gynecomastia surgery.

Dicaprio’s best-rated movie is Catch Me if You Can.

In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Frank Abagnale, Jr., a master of deception who was also a great forger whose talent earned him his first significant claim to fame: At the young age of 17, Frank Abagnale Jr. rose to prominence as the most accomplished bank robber in American history.

9. Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew with Gyno
Prince Andrew with Gyno

The Prince has had his many downs, but feeling bad about having gynecomastia is not one of them. And women do not seem to mind him having gynecomastia as well. That could explain why he has not yet considered even taking gyno supplements or even surgery.

Apart from being the 8th in line to the British Throne, the Prince has made news recently for being associated with Jeffrey Epstein, an alleged sex trafficker. Epstein has since died in what is said to be an act of suicide. The Prince settled his civil sex assault case out of court.

10. Ice-T – Another Celebrity with Moobs

Ice-T Celebrity with Moobs
Ice-T Celebrity with Moobs

Born as Tracy Lauren Marrow, Marrow goes by his stage name Ice-T. Moreover, like many men of his age, he has had gynecomastia. And it does not help that he has a huge chest, which makes his moobs that much harder to hide.

Overall, in the entertainment industry, fans like his personality.

Ice-T is a legend in the entertainment industry, having started as an underground rapper in the 1980s. His debut album is Rhyme Pays, which he released through Sire Records.

His best-known song is “Colors,” which he co-produced with Afrika Islam in 1988. They wrote it for Dennis Hopper’s film “Colors.”

11. Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison - Boxing Celebrity with Moobs
Tommy Morrison – Boxing Celebrity with Moobs

The late Boxing legend Tommy Morrison had gynecomastia even during the peak of his career. However, it did not bother him or affect his boxing career. And there is no record of him taking gyno supplements or surgery to manage it.

He is best known for winning the WBO heavyweight title on August 30, 1993. Morrision was 24 years old with a record of 38-1, of which 33 were knockouts. He never fought with Mike Tyson after it was alleged that he had contracted AIDS.

12. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler

Among slender celebrities that have moobs is Steven Tyler. The first time that the media got a glimpse of his feminine side was in 2012 after he went shirtless. However, he did not seem bothered much by his man boobs.

Among his best performances is the song “Dream On” (life). The song is a ballad by Aerosmith and was written by Steven Tyler, their lead singer. The song debuted in 1973, became an instant hit, and a classic rock radio staple.

13. Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson with gyno
Liam Neeson

Many celebrities do enjoy walking around shirtless, but not Liam Neeson. That is why it is rare to see his moobs. But he did go shirtless once, and he only did it for charity. In 2012, Neeson went topless for charity, exposing his chest.

However, he does not seem to mind them. Otherwise, he would have considered gyno surgery by now. But given that he has gone through a lot in his life, man breasts could be the least of his worries.

Neeson has had great success as a film actor, and among his top films is the movie Schindler’s List (1993).

Businessman Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) travels to Krakow in 1939 with plans to profit from the conflict that has just begun. He eventually understands that by doing this, he is also saving the lives of innocent people.

14. Noah Beck Among Young Celebrities with Gynecomastia

Noah Beck - Young Celebrity with Gynecomastia
Noah Beck – Young Celebrity with Gynecomastia

Among Noah Beck’s many photos, it is evident that he has gyno, even as he works for a chiseled physique. He possibly could be a case of getting gyno from body-building products such as steroids and protein shakes.

Fans like Noah Beck for his likable, easy-going personality, as you can see from comments on his Youtube channel. Noah has made his social media career by sharing his content on Tik Tok.

15. David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff

Moobs have weighed down on David Hasselhoff, who is always seen dressed in a singlet. Still, the gynecomastia gives his chest a curved appearance. Hasselhoff is yet to undergo surgery to deal with his man boobs.

There could be reasons behind that, such as the inability to control the underlying cause.

Hasselhoff, or “The Hoff” as he is popularly known in the entertainment industry, holds the record as the most popularly watched man on T.V. He became famous for playing the role of Dr. Snapper Foster, on The Young and The Restless.

Celebrities with Gynecomastia

Many celebrities have had moobs, and some have chosen to treat it. Others just choose to roll with it. But with the right gynecomastia system, anyone can manage to treat gyno and stop it from coming back.

Overall, to get rid of gynecomastia permanently, you need to keep fit and watch what you eat. In addition, if you take any prescription drugs, ask your doctor if they can cause man-breasts.


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