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License: Free
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Windows 10
32-bit program. Can run on both a 32-bit and 64-bit OS.
Downloads: 49,356

BleepingComputer Review:

FilesLockerDecrypter is a ransomware decryptor created by Michael Gillespie that decrypts files encrypted by the FilesLocker Ransomware. This decrypter works with version v1 and v2 of the ransomware.

In order to use this decrypter, users must have a copy of the ransom note for the infected system as it contains the encrypted decryption key. This decryption key will be decrypted and used to decrypt a victim's files for free.

More information about the FilesLocker Ransomware can be at this URL: New FilesLocker Ransomware Offered as a Ransomware as a Service.

A detailed guide on using the decryptor can be found here: How to Decrypt the FilesLocker Ransomware with FilesLockerDecrypter

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